Friday, December 14, 2007

Cabrini Connection's College Application Fund

Please consider giving to the Cabrini Connections College Application Fund.

While students from families of modest means know that it costs a lot to attend college, the expense involved in applying often comes as a surprise. And the cost will increase in March when the price of the SAT Reasoning Test (formerly the SAT I) rises from $29.50 to $41.50 because a writing component is being added. Families know that the senior year of high school is not only stressful, but expensive, and unless families have done a great job of saving and planning, it puts them in a real pinch.

The cost of applying to and choosing a college can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the decisions students and families make. There are fees for everything: applications, SAT or ACT exams; mailing extra copies of all those scores to schools; and even taking Advanced Placement tests. Students applying to highly selective colleges often take three to five AP tests in the hope they will score high enough to enhance their academic profile and earn college credits.

Application process can add up

Not counting the cost of campus visits, the tab for a hypothetical student:

Applications to 6 colleges Typical fees: $50 (as high as $75) 6 x $50 = $300
Take SAT Reasoning Test twiceTest fee: $41.50 (after the price risesin March)2 x $41.50 = $83
Take ACT once, with writing optionTest fee: $42 (Many students take both the SAT and ACT)1 x $42 = $42
Send scores to 6 collegesNo extra charge for up to four colleges, $7 for each additional school. 2 x $7 = $14
Take Subject TestsTest fee: $17 to register, $8 a test. (Many highly selective colleges require three SAT Subject Tests — formerly the SAT II)3 x $8 + $17 = $41
Take four Advanced Placement examsTest fee: $82 4 x $82 = $328
Source: USA TODAY research Total = $808

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thanks Keith. We've received more than $600 in donations to the college fund so far in December, and more than $11,000 in donations for our Holiday Fund, which pays for the general operations of Cabrini Connections and makes it possible for us to help kids get to the point where the college fund is used. I hope you and others will reach out to new donors in volunteers in 2008, so we can continue to help more kids move from 7th grade to 12th grade, then from college to careers.

Dan Bassill
Tutor/Mentor Connection
Cabrini Connections