Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SVHATS Revisited

In our efforts to better improve communication between students, volunteers and staff Cabrini Connections instituted SVHATS (Student and Volunteer History & Tracking System) in 2003. Since that SVHATS has proven to a an invaluable tool for gathering important information concerning the needs and wants of our volunteers and students.

To assist those who have expressed a problem finding the SVHATS hyperlink we have enhanced the lettering on the sidebar menu in both the volunteer and student section of the Cabrini Connections website. This enhancement although small will help as a visual reminder to our members to sign on to SVHATS everytime they log onto our site.

Additionally we have modified the "Weekly Reflection Sheet"; we changed the 5 points awarded to the student based on the volunteer signing in before 6:05pm to 5 points awarded for the volunteer signing onto SVHATS. We will also include a section in our Volunteer Weekly Newsletter that will reflect how many students and volunteers signed onto SVHATS the previous week.

We appreciate everyone who uses the SVHATS tool and encourage others to use it more often.